Our Leadership

OUR PASTOR (teaching elder)

Matthew (pastor) and Jennifer Dyck

Pastor Matt and his wife Jen have been blessed to serve the Hillside congregation and community of Almonte for 20 yrs. Matt grew up in Ottawa committing his life to Jesus through camp ministries and met Jen in their senior year at High School where they discovered they wanted to serve Christ together. While Matt went to Tyndale University and received his Bachelor of Religious studies ,Jen stayed in Ottawa and received her Interior design degree. Soon after they married and Jen supported Matt as he entered seminary training.  Jen currently serves as the accountant at One Way Ministries in Ottawa.  
Together they live in Almonte with their 4 sons, Calvin, Josiah, Samuel and Benjamin and a hyper active labrador and passive aggressive cat. Matt has coached the Thunderbolts  senior football team since they moved here and Jen coaches the girls soccer team. They love good coffee and spending time with their boys and awesome church family. Matt loves the Chicago Bears, fishing and hunting and getting out on his old motorcycle occasionally. While Jen deals with numbers by day she really enjoys and applies her creative side to her home, garden and woman’s fellowship.  Jen is trying to soften Matt’s overly competitive streak through tennis while Matt is trying to convince Jen bluegrass is the best kind of music. By the grace of God they remain committed to seeing Lanark country thrive in the healing power of Christ and His Kingdom. 


Bill (elder) and Treena Lowry

Gerry (elder) and Nellie deHaan

Peter (elder) and Megan Chan


Bill (deacon) and Joyce Lowry

Chris (deacon) and Bonnie Swallow

Tony (deacon) and Tammie Welk

Stephen (deacon) and Tammy Lowry

Hillside Reformed Presbyterian Church
273 Almonte Street
Almonte, Ontario, Canada
Pastor Matthew Dyck: (613) 791-4811
General inquiries: (613) 256-2816