What to Expect

  • We center our worship and preaching around God and undeserved goodness in Jesus.
  • We preach the gospel to Christians and non-Christians, because everyone needs it.
  • We aim to treat one another through the lens of God’s grace.
  • We believe that God transforms us through grace to joyfully obey his commandments.
  • We strive for the profound depth of discipleship that comes from the gospel taking root in a community of people bound to one another. We also understand that the fruit of this takes time to grow and mature.
  • We follow a historical liturgical pattern in our worship. We use creeds, confessions, and sing psalms sung acapella. We also celebrate the Lord’s Supper every month.
  • We include our children in congregational worship.
  • We rely heavily on Community Groups to be places where people can live out the Christian life in community with one another.
  • Our pastors and elders shepherd and lead the church. We are a member congregation of the the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.
  • Our deacons provide physical, financial, and emotional support to those in need.
  • We want Christians to use their gifts wherever they are and to work God’s peace into their spheres of life. Instead of fostering a sacred/secular split, we want to equip and encourage our people to seek God’s kingdom wherever they are labouring.
  • Through partnerships with various ministries and nonprofits in Lanark county, we want to co-labor for the good of our communities, whether this means feeding the hungry or working with drug addiction programs in our schools. We also want to encourage our people to serve in a wide variety of ways that will never make it to the church’s formal “radar.”
  • We strive to be hospitable. We must constantly invite outsiders into the life and worship of the community to see, taste, touch, hear, and experience the restoration and redemption we have received through Jesus.
  • We use language in our worship, preaching, and community life that is intelligible and accessible to people, regardless of their faith commitments.

Hillside Reformed Presbyterian Church
273 Almonte Street
Almonte, Ontario, Canada
Pastor Matthew Dyck: (613) 791-4811
General inquiries: (613) 256-2816